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Brief Introduction

Historical background and nomenclature

Suryabinayak Municipality is located 2 km from Bhaktapur city. Suryabinayak area lies in the South of previous Sipadol VDC. It is very important from religious and historical point of view. It is named in the name of famous Suryabinayak (Ganesh) temple found to have been built in the Shikhar style during the Lichhavi period. Devotees from Kathmandu, Patan, Banepa and Bhaktapur districts come to visit this Ganesh temple every Tuesday and Magh. There is a general belief that worshiping of Suryabinayak brings good fortune and good virtue. The area is famous as a tourist and picnic spot due to its lush green hills. As there are 99 species of birds in the forest of Suryabinayak, this place is gradually becoming famous for bird watching.

Geographical location

This municipality belongs to Bhaktapur district under Bagmati province. Geographically, the municipality lies between 850 23 'to 850 29' east longitude and 270 37 'to 270 40' north latitude.

Area of ​​the municipality: 42.45 sq. km.

North latitude: 270 37 'to 270 40'

East longitude: 850 23 'to 850 29'

Elevation: 1372 to 2025 m above sea level. Until

Geographical texture

From the point of view of geography, this municipality can be divided into two main areas.

      1. South hilly region

      2. Valley area

1. South hilly areas:

The western part of the Sipadol hill division is divided into the eastern part of Kalitar and the southern part of Chun Devi. The height of this hilly area has increased from Chundevi to the southern part of Gundu up to 2025 meters. The length of this hill is about 4.8 km. The river originating from this, the Sipadol river flows to the east and the Kalka river flows to the south towards the Hanumante river in the north.

2. Valley area:

Located in the southeast of the Kathmandu Valley, the region is bounded to the southwest by the Godavari and Charkhande river basins and on the east by the western boundary of Kavrepalanchok district. The slope of the land in this area is 1-5 degrees from south and east to west respectively. Therefore, all the rivers in this region flow from east to north and from south to west.